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Re: [MbUnit] mbunit issues


Author andrewstopford
Full name Andrew Stopford
Date 2005-07-03 04:02:20 PDT
Message Hi,

A list of providers is here


The server Ayende mentions is here, I do need to find out if these
will work with CCNet given that we are hosting that on another server.
Thanks again for the offer of hosting SVN Morten, while I don't have a
problem that you manage this we may run into problems if your away for
any reason. What are folks feelings on this?

Could everyone also consider the teams list I have sent around, we
need to start thinking about who will be looking after what when our
infrastructure is in place. Volunteers required !!

Peli, good call on creating some tasks for the infrastructure. I will
create some of the remaining tasks and let you all know when we have
them up and running. If anyone has not yet signed up for a JIRA (and
therefore a wiki) account please do so.



On 7/2/05, Morten Mertner <morten at mertner dot com> wrote:
> Hi Andrew,
> >The only thing looking to remain on Tigris will be the source control,
> >again I am open to ideas on this. I would much prefer to use SVN but
> >hosted SVN seems to be limited to Tigris (but is not setup correctly
> >for use with CCNet) and SourceForge. Given we are moving everything
> >else away all I would need is a hosted repos, any ideas?
> >
> >
> I happen to have Subversion installed as well, and it'd be no problem to
> create an additional repository.. however, user management would have to
> go through me unless you know of a web interface or similar for that.
> Yours,
> Morten
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Re: [MbUnit] mbunit issues andrewstopford Andrew Stopford 2005-07-03 04:02:20 PDT
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