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Re: [MbUnit] mbunit issues


Author andrewstopford
Full name Andrew Stopford
Date 2005-06-30 05:10:11 PDT
Message Hi Guys,

Thanks for your feedback. Its good to know that frustrations with the
wiki and tigris are running high. Moving foward if Morten does not
object to MbUnit running on Confluence/JIRA then I would to take him
up on the offer. I will need some help in moving the Wiki content over
to Confluence and the bugs over to JIRA. Again I ask that folks help
me do this.

We will put an inital page on Confluence and redirect mbunit.org to
that page. This will announce the move away from the wiki, however we
must link to the wiki until content is moved.

Long term documentation is a key issue for us and it needs people to
us get around that, unless folks help out then how we can help resolve

If everyone is happy with this then lets get this up and running.


On 6/29/05, Jonathan de Halleux <jonathan.dehalle​ux at gmail dot com> wrote:
> Andrew,
> All the above remarks are true. I'm overall quite dissapointed with
> tigris. The issue tracking is too complicated and they don't support
> SVN (although they host it).
> I've been asking Jamie to add issue tracking for quite some time now
> but he is a busy man etc... It never got done unfortunately.
> Andrew, if you have the possibility to be hosted on a Confluence/JIRA,
> stop thinking and go for the migration (I don't think migrating the
> information in the TestDriven.Net wiki is difficult/long). Once this
> is done, just empty up the tigris home page and issue tracking and
> redirect to the new website (I can redirect www.mbunit.org to any
> website).
> My 2 cents,
> Peli
> On 6/29/05, Mark Levison <mlevison at gmail dot com> wrote:
> > > Thanks Morten, your JIRA/Confluence offer is interesting, we do have a
> > > bug tracker on Tigris and I do want to keep the wiki on TestDriven
> > > though.
> >
> > Currently I find the TestDriven Wiki confusing and very difficult to
> > navigate - in addition when I search it for MbUnit stuff - I often get
> > results from TestDriven and vice versa. In addition Jamie seems to
> > have opened a new bug tracker for MbUnit
> > (http://www.testdrive​n.net/IssueTracking/​Main.aspx). I find this all
> > very confusing. I would strongly prefer to have one place for
> > website/docs/wiki/bugtracking and source. Anything else is just
> > confusing.
> >
> > my $0.02 (Canadian == 0.016 US :-)
> >
> > Cheers
> > Mark Levison
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Re: [MbUnit] mbunit issues andrewstopford Andrew Stopford 2005-06-30 05:10:11 PDT
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