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Re: [MbUnit] mbunit issues


Author andrewstopford
Full name Andrew Stopford
Date 2005-06-29 05:31:32 PDT
Message Hi,

Thanks Morten, your JIRA/Confluence offer is interesting, we do have a
bug tracker on Tigris and I do want to keep the wiki on TestDriven

Does anyone one else feel that this is the case and more importantly
who wants to step up and help address this?


On 6/29/05, Morten Mertner <morten at mertner dot com> wrote:
> Hi Andrew,
> >http://weblogs.asp.n​et/astopford/archive​/2005/06/14/412383.a​spx#FeedBack
> >
> >I want to cast this message from Ron out to the lists to gather your
> >feedback on it, have you experienced the same problems/frustrations as
> >Ron?
> >
> >
> Admittedly, many of the issues he raises are valid. I've been annoyed
> with the tigris/web/documentation/source problems as well, even though
> I'd probably wouldn't have phrased it as harshly. I've found both
> Jonathan and Jamie to be very forthcoming and helpful in the past, but
> from the perspective of a user less inclined to sign up on mailing lists
> or contacting the authors, I can understand his critisism.
> Getting a decent web site and associated content up ought to be the #1
> item on the agenda.
> In case you are interested, I'd gladly offer up space on the server
> running Confluence/JIRA for Gentle. Confluence is great for
> collaborative work on documentation, but can be hard on new users. JIRA
> is a legendary issue tracker :) I also have Subversion, Apache and all
> the other tidbits of a decent server. The catch is that I'm on limited
> bandwidth and there's no redundancy in the server (but at least there
> are daily backups). If interested, check out the software at
> http://www.mertner.c​om/confluence and http://www.mertner.com/jira,
> respectively. I'm quite sure Atlassian still hands out open source
> licenses, so if you have your own hardware you probably could get
> licenses of your own from them.
> Yours,
> Morten
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Re: [MbUnit] mbunit issues andrewstopford Andrew Stopford 2005-06-29 05:31:32 PDT
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