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FW: [Ccnet-devel] MbUnit teams


Author jflowers
Full name Jay Flowers
Date 2005-06-22 06:10:17 PDT
Message Just helping a sleepy Andrew.

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Subject: [Ccnet-devel] MbUnit teams


Like a wale at the moment, up for air and deep dive. Again my
apologies for doing my vanishing act but job demands are high, please
bear with me. On the news front me and Jay Flowers are working on a
article, I can't say much more than :)


I want to start looking to structuring some things, if your
interesting in helping out on the dev side of things then your all
welcome. Coders, testers, documention, anything you think you can add
then please join the dev list and mail the list with an intro.

How I want to stucture the teams I will email the dev list on.


I am hoping to get a compiled build page up ASAP, thanks for all those
that have mailed me and a thousand apologies for not getting it

Articles, blogs, usergroups

If you writing an article, blogging, presenting to a user group then
let the list know. It's vital that we spread the word and if you are
running a usergroup or a part of a usergroup then again email the
list, a good way of getting speakers on MbUnit to talk to your group,
share experiences etc.


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FW: [Ccnet-devel] MbUnit teams jflowers Jay Flowers 2005-06-22 06:10:17 PDT
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