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RE: [MbUnit Dev] helping and building MbUnit


Author j9brown
Full name Jeff Brown
Date 2005-05-13 10:02:49 PDT
Message Sounds reasonable to me.

I've got a few patches stashed away for now... And definitely, I'd be
quite happy to make a pass over the public API adding and fixing up
documentation. That's a major usability sore point. There are lots of
juicy things in there that are really hard to learn about right now.

It would be great if MbUnit shipped with its .Xml doc files so that we
could get Intellisense working too.


-----Original Message-----
From: Andrew Stopford [mailto:astopford at gmail dot com]
Sent: Friday, May 13, 2005 1:10 AM
To: dev at mbunit dot tigris dot org
Subject: [MbUnit Dev] helping and building MbUnit

Hi guys,

Sorry I have been off list lately, I am in the process of changing jobs
so I am a little consumed, hopefully normal service will be returned in
a week or two.

I have had a couple of questions reguarding building MbUnit and its VS
version. MbUnit its targeted towards 1.0 and 1.1. The core is 1.0 and
certain parts (that target it directly) are 1.1. To build MbUnit you
will need 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0. MbUnit is being developed on VS2005 (C#
Express will work just fine) and is built using Jamies MutantBuild
(which in turn uses MsBuild, hench forth the VS version). Everything
else you willl need to build MbUnit is available in CVS/SVN under the
bin directory (Wix etc). This information and a step by step guide to
setup etc I hope to get detailed on the Wiki, if any you do take a stab
at it then I welcome your contributions/ideas on the process. I do want
to start making the Wiki a system that this group uses for

Speaking of documentaion I welcome any and all contributions for that.
I do think it might be an idea to create a team of folks that will focus
on that. From API docs to user docs, again I think the Wiki would be a
great place to create that. Any and all ideas welcome.

Jamie is busy working getting CCNet working with Tigris CVS, the SVN is
not working nice with CCNet so we are forced to use CVS. I do want this
in place before we start accepting patches or granting write access a CI
and all it entails is vital for project of this nature and size.



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