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RE: [MbUnit Dev] Some news


Author j9brown
Full name Jeff Brown
Date 2005-05-02 17:17:55 PDT
Message What about TestDriven.Net?
I remember having interoperability issues between TD.Net and newer
versions of MbUnit. The latest public release of TD.Net worked fine
with MbUnit 2.22 but failed to find any tests on 2.24.

Will compatible nightly builds become available at some point? At the
moment, that's a major hurdle for us. We need fixture filtering and
assembly search path (hint directory) support but they don't seem to
work in MbUnit 2.22.


-----Original Message-----
From: Andrew Stopford [mailto:astopford at gmail dot com]
Sent: Monday, May 02, 2005 2:25 PM
To: dev at mbunit dot tigris dot org
Subject: [MbUnit Dev] Some news


First welcome everyone that has joined this list. If you know of anyone
that is interested in helping out, writing code, fixing bugs,
documentation etc then please send the address of this email addy on.
All are welcome.

As posted to the user list if any of you do any speaking engagements to
user groups or know of any user groups that would be interested then
please post the details on. I am keen to start spreading the word about
MbUnit and the best place to start is with MbUnits community.

I will be compiling a feature list hopefully this week that will be
shared here and on the user list. I am quite keen on using the MbUnit
Wiki for our documentation, including info on MbUnit features, compile
instructions, road map etc. Evereyone can help here so if your
interested in including some content then let me know.

SVN has been started on Tigris and as such Jamie is moving the CVS code
into SVN. Note that we will be moving QuickGraph and MbUnit into
separate repositories. When this happens the MbUnit portion will be
titled MbUnit Framework. With this complete the CVS tree will be
dropped. Hopefully everyone here will be happy to the move to SVN, its
my personal preferance but if anyone has any issues with this then
please let me know.



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RE: [MbUnit Dev] Some news j9brown Jeff Brown 2005-05-02 17:17:55 PDT
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